Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Four Things

The fire hose has been exhausting lately. So what else is new, yes, I know. Here are four things that came through my field of vision that require comment, if only in brief.

First, a sign I saw in the background during a bit of news coverage at a protest:

That says it for me. I am unfailingly angry that we are going backwards in so many ways, having to spend our time advocating for what already existed instead of improving it.

(Except I wouldn't say "honey bees" — just "bees." Our many native bee species are more threatened than honey bees, but we don't hear that much in the usual coverage.)

This graphic is from the Blackout Coalition:

While I like its vibrancy and visual pop, for me those hearts don't work as the letter A. Bonk Block?

Here's something I never thought I would have ever looked at, let alone taken a screen snapshot of:

This makes me so angry. Irrationally, I admit. Hard to think of words to explain why.

It makes it obvious Ivanka Trump lolls in her privilege as a white, rich person to make every other woman in the world feel inadequate. She lists her identify first through her relationships to others, especially men. She portrays herself in perfect makeup and hair, working, with a baby on her lap. See. you can do it too!

Yet she's "passionate" about the empowerment of women and girls.

I don't want to know how she defines empowerment. But I guess it has to do with being able to buy what you want, especially from Ivanka Trump.

Finally, this is a look at this week's weather in Minnesota in February:

Climate change, anyone? Global weirding? Even that 29° high on Saturday is pretty warm, historically, for this time of year.

Meanwhile, Nero fiddles and gets his trademarks in China while Rome burns.

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