Saturday, November 19, 2016

No Friendship Classes

I was recently doing some proof reading of a book of student writing that will be published by COMPAS, a Minnesota arts organization, early this winter. The contents of the book were written as part of COMPAS's writers-in-the-schools program, and include fiction and poetry by kids K–12.

When I read the beginning of this poem by a middle-schooler, I took a photo of it so I could transcribe it and share it here because it's so poignant and true:

There Are No Friendship Classes

There are no friendship classes.
There are no classes on how to build an organization.
There are no classes on how to raise money.
Buy a house.
Love a child.
Spot a scam.
Talk someone out of suicide.
Or figure out what’s important to you.

—William Musolf, grade 8
There was more that William had to say, but to read it you will have to wait until COMPAS posts the finished book to their website.