Saturday, September 3, 2016

Along the Roads of the Northeast

I was recently traveling in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Here are a few things I saw along the road.

1. The Museum of Tort Law in Winsted, Connecticut. I was on a driving deadline and so couldn't stop to see, but it turns out it was started by Ralph Nader. (Winsted is his hometown.) It just opened in fall 2015, with exhibits designed by the same firm that did the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

2. An official street sign with the name "Lovers Lane," adjacent to a yellow caution sign that read, simply, "Children." Somewhere in Connecticut, north of Winsted, I think. No photo, unfortunately.

3. Again, with no photo, along an on-ramp to I-81 in Whitney Point, New York, there was an Adopt-a-Highway sign "In Honor of Sun Myung Moon."

4. In western Massachusetts, or maybe it was Connecticut or New York, I'm not sure where I was when I saw it, this type of truck:

Clever, and nice lettering, too (though the spacing in KANE could use some work).

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