Monday, September 12, 2016

A Better Beefless Burger

I have no idea what goes into it, but a company called Impossible Burger has developed a ground-beef-like product that tastes just about as good as a beef burger when cooked. Written up fully by Pacific Standard, the Impossible Burger
uses one-ninth the water and one-twelfth the land and produces one-quarter of the greenhouse gases as a beef burger. “It isn’t that our process is so brilliant or’s that when you’re competing against cows, you’d have to be deliberately trying to fail to be as bad as they are.”
The founder of the company, a former Stanford biochemist and geneticist, plans to get the company's production to scale so they can take on big meat and win:
“The livestock industry is intrinsically fragile,” he suggested. “It’s got small margins, it’s got very long planning cycles, and it does not deal well with instability.” His voice had the flat, declarative tones of somebody explaining the law of gravity. “The fundamental economics of it are completely unsuited to 2016,” he said. “And that means it’s not going to exist in several decades.”
Interesting stuff.

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