Monday, August 15, 2016

One Truth and One Irony from Facebook

Two things about Trump for today, both from my Facebook feed.

First, I'm starting to realize that he's really only understandable as a fictional character. Starting from his background flogging professional wrestling, heading into Bond villain territory (with the recent news about his manager Paul Manafort propping up dictators around the world and his daughter Ivanka now vacationing with BFF Wendy Deng Murdoch), and finally, ending up with this:

Yes, that shows Trump altered to appear as a Ferengi, the alien race first seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I disliked the Ferengi from the first time they appeared on the show, and seeing this send-up of Trump resonated on a deep level. It's perfect, from his misogyny to his ethnocentrism to his profit-as-only-possible-object world view.

Then there was this:

Which I'd normally just scroll past as typical Facebook pablum, but the thing that stopped me was that it was posted by a Facebook friend who's an ardent Trump supporter.

So let's see... who can we think of who fits those three ways to fail? Someone who complains about everything, blames anyone except himself for his problems, and never appears to be grateful for anything?

I think I know which candidate this graphic fits best, but ironically, my friend thinks s/he's directing this at everyone but Trump. The cognitive dissonance must be painful over there.

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