Friday, June 17, 2016

Maybe I Lack Imagination

I get an odd feeling when I read about conservatives and Republicans tearing their hair out over Donald Trump. There have been many, of course, but here are two recent ones.

Campaign consultant Rick Philips (who appears occasionally on Chris Hayes's show) has been losing it on Twitter lately. He even coined the name "Cheeto Jesus" to describe Trump.

Then I found this post called the Self-Immolation of the Republican Party from the editor/founder of a conservative site called

What disturbs me most is the prospect that Donald Trump is what a very large number of Republican voters want: not a wonk, not an orator, not a statesman, not even a leader, really, if by leader you mean someone who persuades and inspires and manages a team to pursue a common good. They just want a man who vents their anger at targets above and below their status.
I like his definition of leadership, and Trump definitely in no way fits it. And the writer is very perceptive about the venting that goes both "up" and "down."

I feel kind of bad for these guys. I'm trying to think what the equivalent would be if it were happening to the Left, but it just doesn't work. Is there a Hollywood celebrity with a Gwyneth Paltrowish alt health agenda who wants to lock up white supremacists?

Maybe I lack imagination, but there's just no equivalent. We have our problems, but this really couldn't be one of them.

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Gina said...

I am really wondering what is going to happen in Cleveland when the Republicans have their convention. If they do not nominate Trump, what will happen? Will his followers riot? Will Trump run a campaign as an Independent? He really doesn't need a political party to say and do what he wants to say and do. Or will they nominate him and take their chances that he can beat Clinton just to get a Republican (really a pseudo-Republican) in the White House? They have really painted themselves into a very painful corner, I think, with the way the Republicans have been carrying on for the last 8 years. Now they're learning just how productive it is to be the political party of hate and saying no.