Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm Not Kidding

This just came up in my Twitter feed:

TrumpSingles—come find someone that steals your heart, and not your guns! Making Dating Great Again.

Someone "that" steals your heart. Are the copywriters admitting your special someone is an object, not a human being?

And check out that logo:

There's a black capital T hiding in there on the left, but it's hard to see under the star-spangled jellyfish. That leaves the word RUMP to stand on its own, in all its appropriate glory.

Then there's, with a weird heart-like squiggle at the end, which looks like a lower-case "b," and therefore as though the web address is TrumpSingles.comb. Or comb-over, whichever.

The font choices are Engraver's Gothic and University Roman. The former is similar to the letter forms used on money, and so seems appropriate, but the latter is one of the tacky fonts used by beginners because of its excessive design. So I guess it's appropriate, in a way, since Trump is known for tackiness.

The good news is, if the owners of TrumpSingles are stupid enough to select me as part of their audience, they'll soon be out of money with no clients to show for their spending.

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