Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bologna, Day 1

I had very few expectations of Bologna. I tried not to learn too much, as if it were a movie I didn't want to see revealed prematurely. I had heard that it was a great place for food, and that's true, but I didn't know much more.

So for today, just a few photos that show a bit of what's it's like, especially the food culture on the street.

Lots of counter service places...

...usually selling Emilia-Romagna specialties.

The many narrow streets and passageways are lined with cafés and bistros...

...anywhere you can put tables, there are tables. One narrow street had tables on both side, leaving a walking space wide enough for just one person. (Which reminds me: Very few cars, lots of bikes, lots of walkers. Not many curbs, either: the street edges are marked with paint instead, and walkers take them over, with cars yielding the space.)

Ca' Pelletti is the first place we went. In addition to memorable food, they also had nice graphic design!

Finally, at one point, we stumbled upon the street of fish markets...

...which is not my thing to buy, but I love seeing it.

The best foods I had: a kind of crepe casserole with fresh mozzarella and asparagus, a small souffle with asparagus, and (best of all, I think) some bright yellow ravioli, stuffed with ricotta and topped with asparagus, sitting on a lemon cream sauce.

I see an asparagus theme in that list, which tells you what time of year it was. And that's a good indication that the food is fresh and seasonal.

More on Bologna tomorrow.

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