Friday, May 13, 2016

Four from the Week

Wow, it's really cold in Minnesota today, with a high in the mid-40s and a low around freezing still to come. Last Friday it was 90 degrees. Whew.

That's my excuse for posting a few images from recent days as I sit here shivering. First, these two issues of Entertainment Weekly, which arrived within a few days of each other. One real person is dead, one fake person is alive:

Then there's a reassuring shot of a sign at Menard's, a regional home improvement big box store:

Then there was this watery and somewhat misshapen outline of the U.S. that I saw on a floor:

Sorry, Maine. 

And finally, there's the book Alter Egos. It's a cautionary tale about fonts. When I saw it, I thought it said Alter Eggs:

See what I mean? G and O are pretty similar on a very condensed, monoweight typeface.

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