Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sidewalks, the New Evil

I don't have a lot of patience for NIMBYism generally, but the recent fight over sidewalks in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park gives it an especially bad name.

Yes, that really does read "Say 'NO' to sidewalks" on the first sign and "Save our environment" on the second sign. These folks have a narrow idea of what the "environment" includes, if they think driving everywhere is saving the environment.

According to the Star Tribune, some of them also think "St. Louis Park is on its way to becoming 'an inner-city wasteland' with 'hoodlums standing around on the corner to harass the young women.' All because of the lowly sidewalk."

Sidewalks. Yes, they cause crime and street harassment, you know.

This level of stupidity requires its own acronym: NIMFY, or Not in My Front Yard.

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