Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Not Enough Words, Too Many Words

I spent more of last night than I care to think about watching the New York primary returns. Unfortunately, that included having to watch Donald Trump's victory speech.

If I have to listen to this guy speak for the next four or five years, it may do me in (if his actions as president don't get to us all first). As Jelani Cobb put it on Twitter, "Terrific! Tremendous! Great! Amazing! Trump uses adjectives the way low-end restaurants use glossy food photos."

His limited vocabulary is the main thing that gets me. From his speeches, it seems as though he only knows about 150 words.

But there's one area of vocabulary where I don't give him enough credit: insults. This guy spends all of his brain energy on a huge list of insulting nouns and adjectives to apply to his opponents and anyone else who's less than a billionaire businessman doing tremendous projects. These often appear in his Twitter feed.

I have to start keeping a list of the words in alphabetical order, since it doesn't seem like anyone else is doing that important job.

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