Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump's New Slogan

What makes a newspaper worth paying for? I like to think there are a lot of intangibles, but sometimes it just comes down to the political cartoonist. Today, another great cartoon by Steve Sack at the Star Tribune:

This on the day after Donald Trump said he didn't know who David Duke is and that he can't disavow the Klan until he does more research, and when a self-proclaimed white supremacist forced a young black woman out of a Trump rally while the crowd around her screamed unprintable invective. Oh, and 30 young black men were told they had to leave a Trump rally because they...were standing there quietly.

And some old white guy I never heard of who used to work for Reagan tried to tell Van Jones on CNN that Democrats cause all the race problems because they talk about race too much. That seems to be the new party line of the Right: Democrats cause racism by reminding people that racism has effects.

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