Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Will Not Write About Trump. I Will Not Write About Trump. I Will Not...

I keep promising myself I will not write about Donald Trump. But then I saw this chart:

This reminded me of a 2008 video clip I saw the other day, in which Trump praised Mike Huckabee for getting the media to show one of his ads for free by pulling it at the last minute. You could almost see the gears grinding away in Trump's head.

After hundreds of hours of airtime over the years on The Apprentice and professional wrestling, the mainstream media (not even counting Fox, CNN and other cable channels) have given Trump a clearly disproportionate amount of coverage since the 2016 campaign started way back in 2015.

What did anyone think would happen? And what would happen if we all just stopped talking about him and covering his events? What about a good old-fashioned shunning?

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