Saturday, February 13, 2016

Perfect Sinks

If you spend any time in public restrooms -- airports, shopping malls, public buildings -- it's hard not to notice how stupidly designed the sink areas are.

Even if you can find the soap (or figure out which dispenser is the soap), once you finish washing you have to walk with your dripping hands to some other location to reach the paper towels or hand dryer. Meanwhile, you're avoiding colliding with other people doing the same thing, or trying to get to the sink or the toilets. And finally, you have to find the trash can.

Here's the perfect sink arrangement for a public restroom:

Each sink has its own paper towel dispenser and trash can. Symmetrically arranged. With enough space between the sinks so you're not bumping elbows. And there are four of these sets. What a concept!

Seen at the Rosedale, Minn., AMC Theater.

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Gina said...

Or the restrooms simply are not big enough for the number of people they serve. This is the problem where I work. In an effort to help users stay clean, they installed a foot-thingie on the door that's supposed to open the door by using one's foot. No one I know has figured out yet how it works. I've tried it and it doesn't work.