Sunday, December 20, 2015

Love Is a Combination of Commodities

Remember, in this season of holiday baking:

Yes, butter + sugar = love, at least at the cash register of a nearby cafe.

Though I can never forget that homemade stuffed animals and crocheted afghans are where the real love is at.


Barbara said...

Something is wrong with the link, I think?

Daughter Number Three said...

Oops, sorry about that... fixed now. Thanks, B!

Gina said...

American society, especially after The Depression, does tend to equate food with love. I know my mother did. If you didn't like her cooking, and tell her, she felt rejected. She loved Christmas, loved to bake about 10 different cookies each in huge batches, two kinds of fudge, and all sorts of candy in little dishes everywhere in the house. Christmas dinner was a BIG DEAL. Since I've been on a restricted diet, I've learned that love can be as simple as just being with someone, spending time, listening, giving emotional support. That's what I now think of at this time of year.