Friday, December 11, 2015

From a Basement Workshop

More from the basement... in this case, these items are from a workshop that's not in my basement, but close enough.

Love this Wissota logo from a vise:

And all the great staple boxes:

A midcentury sealing-wax box:

A steel Faber Castell pencil box:

I don't know why I find this Gold Seal scriber box appealing. Maybe the colors?

Then there's this die-cut postcard from Yellowstone. On the back, there's a small piece of petrified wood attached. I don't know if the colors were always in these muted hue or if they've faded:

These containers are from a silver-boxed mineralogy set from ScienceCraft. The whole thing is picture worthy, but here's just a sample:

This bit of ephemera, from some type of sander disc, isn't that old, but I love the name and logo:

Watch out for the disintegrator!

I've never heard of Par coffee, but this can is beautiful, even though it's full of hunks of lead:

A beautiful mid-century Black & Decker logo:

I admire the plain beauty and utility of this nail sizing chart:

And finally, a mysterious tool. I think it may be a kitchen whisk, but it was a promotional item for TIK wheat paste. The bulbous lettering on the handle warms my heart:


Michael Leddy said...

Some basement! I love the three lines with the coffee cup. Those lines now always make me think of Steven Millhauser’s novel Martin Dressler, which describes an archetypal (imaginary) advertisement with three lines rising from a bowl of soup.

Any pencils in that tin?I have several of those tins with their pencils, circa late ’40s, early ’50s.

Daughter Number Three said...

I thought of you when I was looking at the pencil tin. I hate to admit I didn't look inside it... I think it must have been empty or I probably would have. But there was just so much stuff to go through it may have sped past me.