Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Renaming, Rebooting, and Just Plain Booting

First there was the story about the Saint Paul apartment building that was going to stop accepting Section 8 vouchers after 30 years. Now there's a new story about an even larger complex in Richfield, a Minneapolis suburb, doing the same thing. This change will force hundreds or even thousands of people to move.

The Richfield complex, called the Crossroads, was built about 50 years ago and is almost all one-bedroom apartments, which currently rent for $900 a month.

The new owners will be installing granite counter tops and a clubhouse spa so they can raise the rent, and they're opting out of Section 8 at the same time.

Most telling of all is the new name the owners have come up with for the complex: The Concierge. Now there's a name that tries to speak to the kind of tenants the new owners have in mind.

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