Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Ticket to Nowhere

As usual, it's not worth reading the C.J. column from the Star Tribune, and especially in this case because it's about a writer meeting celebrity anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy at the airport.

But there was one notable piece of information about how the richest of the rich live that I didn't know, so thanks for that... I guess:

Under the heading of “Something Else I Didn’t Know Rich People Do,” [the writer] informed me, “A ticket had been bought for me by a mutual friend so I could get through security and meet them at the gate.

“I was at the gate, waiting for her. People buy limo drivers one-way tickets so they can meet celebrities at the gate, so there is not one second they are unescorted....”
Yes, you understood that correctly. Rich celebrities buy an unneeded one-way plane ticket for their chauffeurs and limo drivers so there's never a moment when they are alone with the public.

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Gina said...

It would make sense for a celebrity that might be bombarded by people, but a lot of celebrities aren't even recognized outside of a celebrity context or situation. And celebrity women who don't wear make-up in public are often not recognized. But then there are the celebrities with the big egos who want the attention, including the attention of the people they buy those one-way tickets for.....