Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Name Fit for Saint Paul

Yesterday, Minnesota Twitter thought-leader Chris Steller (@chris_steller) rallied the local twoops to propose names for the new professional soccer team that’s going to be located in St. Paul. Most of these jokes are inside baseball (er, soccer), but funny to me!

Chris started it off with this tweet:

Now that we know the MN United are going to be a St. Paul team, we should come up with a more St. Paul name for them. #MoreSTPteamname
Soon the inhabitants of Twitter came up with these gems:
The St. Paul Inferiority Complexes (by @netminderbois)
The Irish Stereotypes (‏by @justacoolcat)
The Early Closers (‏by @justacoolcat)
The Colemans (by @dbrauer)
The East Minneapolis Misconceptions (by @chris_steller
The Cold Blooded Keillors (by @justacoolcat)
The Pig's Eyes (by @BillLindeke)
Streets of Drunken Irishmen (by @evanrobertsnz)
The Kickbacks (by @chris_steller)
The Potholes (by @jpkolb)
The Saint Paul Stubborn Fucks (by @BillLindeke)
And just to make sure the jokes are clear even if you aren't from around these parts... here are some of the background issues referred to:
  • St. Paul resents Minneapolis because, nationally, people always refer to everything in the Twin Cities as being in Minneapolis;
  • Our own version of Donald Trump, former governor Jesse Ventura, once went on late-night TV and said St. Paul’s streets were laid out by drunken Irishmen;
  • The streets of downtown St. Paul are said to be rolled up at 6:00 p.m. every night;
  • St. Paul was originally named Pig's Eye Landing;
  • St. Paul's mayor (the major backer of building a soccer stadium) is named Chris Coleman; he comes from a large, politically influential Irish family;
  • Most Twin Cities people are opposed to stadiums for major league sports teams, but somehow the darned things keep getting built.
Thanks, Chris. You made my afternoon.


Carl said...

The Colemans also include Norm, mayor from 1994 to 2002.

Daughter Number Three said...

That's true. I am still confused to this day that Norm Coleman is not only not related to the other Coleman family, but is also Jewish and originally from the East Coast, while the other Colemans are Irish and have been in St. Paul for some while.

Carl said...

You don't seem confused at all.