Saturday, September 26, 2015

At Least He's Honest

As I considered what to post for today, I wandered through Twitter until I came across this from Dave Roberts of

Basically, a guy named Joe McDermott tweeted directly to Roberts these words:

Millions like me would rather a nuclear holocaust than give up low-density life and automobiles for high density and common transit.
To which Roberts replied: "Least yer honest." Well, yeah, you have to give him that.

Another Twitter user came in with this bit of truth:
To him the deaths of billions of innocents is preferable to having to ride the subway to work and having more neighbors.
McDermott, who goes by @bdamages on Twitter, provides this description of himself in his profile:
Lawyer (real estate O&G, commercial litigation), Texan, libertarian, sci-fi fan, poker player.
I think real estate O&G may mean oil and gas. So, other than the fact that he's a science fiction fan, this guy is everything I want to avoid in a fellow human being. A libertarian oil and gas lawyer from Texas who plays poker? What's not to love!

And I'd probably even want to avoid the kind of science fiction fan he is, too, given recent disturbing trends in the SF fan community.

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