Saturday, September 5, 2015

A May to September Confusion

I was vaguely aware that people occasionally mix up Memorial Day and Labor Day. It's somewhat understandable, since the two holidays bracket the summer season and cause a long weekend.

But it's one thing to misname the holiday in conversation, and another to post a reference to the wrong holiday because you actually think it's the other one. Like this, which I just saw on Facebook:

I think I also saw this meme back around Memorial Day, when it was meant to run.

Yes, Labor Day is about more than a three-day weekend, but the people to remember didn't come home in flag-draped caskets.  They were reviled by some (especially business owners) and too-often called Bolsheviks. Somehow, I think the folks who made this graphic aren't so quick to remind everyone about the reasons for Labor Day.

Googling this topic tells me that people also mix up Memorial Day and Veterans Day. At least that makes sense, thematically.

Personally, I like the old (original?) name of Memorial Day, which was Decoration Day. 

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