Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Reading from Doug Muder

A Facebook friend (no, not that friend) just shared an article called Not a Tea Party, a Confederate Party. Highly recommended reading.

It's written by Doug Muder, an ex-mathematician from Nashua, New Hampshire. A white guy about my age who's been thinking and writing online for about ten years, though I've never heard of him.

So now I've got a whole bunch of new stuff to read, with titles like The Distress of the Privileged, Why I’m Not a Libertarian, Six True Things Politicians Can’t Say, “Religious Freedom” Means Christian Passive-Aggressive Domination, and Red Family, Blue Family.

So, sorry for the short post, but I have some reading to do. And see, sometimes it does pay off to hang around on Facebook.

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Gina said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm going to check him out, too.