Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tar Sands Resistance March, June 6

A large group of organizations is sponsoring a march and rally to demonstrate resistance to the use of Canadian tar sands as fuel in our post-peak-oil world.

It's on June 6, starting at noon with a march from Lambert Landing (at the Mississippi River right behind Union Depot in downtown Saint Paul) to the State Capitol.

Leave this junk in the ground! We can't burn it all without making our world incompatible with modern life. Not to mention the fact that extracting it is turning pristine Canadian wilderness, which should belong to native peoples, into a hellscape. Plus, if we leave it in the ground, no one has to put it on a train bomb that rolls past our houses or in a pipeline that harms rural areas even when it's not spilling toxic crap.

I want to congratulate the organizers of the march on designing a successful poster and logo. Great job calling up traditional protest iconography while connecting the visuals with both the dirtiness of oil and our geographic region (check out the fingers in that fist).

The march is sponsored by the Sierra Club, 350, Interfaith Power & Light, the Indigenous Environmental Network, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Energy Action Coalition.

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