Sunday, May 31, 2015

May, O May

The month of May seemed to last forever, but my Twitter mining is short for once. I guess I must have been busy with life and not paying attention to the interweb fire hose.

No major themes or topics this month, and probably more amusement than seriousness.

All those people protesting the mosque in Phoenix are more like ISIS than they'll ever understand.
By Kumail Nanjiani

i can't decide if this bus is being supportive or threatening me:

By Kathy B

Ultimately the root of any conspiracy theory is a strong desire to believe that someone, somewhere, is competent at what they're doing.
By Amy Dentata

U.S. police on pace to fatally shoot 1000 people this year. Would constitute 7-10% of all homicides. [Citing a Washington Post story.]
By Judd Legum

Some days, it's hard to decide which controversy I should focus on barely understanding.
By Merlin Mann

My god! This "free speech unit" is perhaps the most Orwellian thing I've ever seen. #Oakland:

By Adam Katz

Latin abbreviations translated into 2015 English:
e.g. = like
i.e. = you know
etc. = or whatever
et al. = or whoever
cf. = check out
viz. = you know
By Jackson Crawford

Don't get all "property rights and inherent humanity" at me. You're way too confused about what "human" means.
By KillerMartinis

“Externalizes the costs in a way that incentivizes malicious or incompetent players” is a pretty good definition of capitalism, no?
By Mandy Brown

Woman announces harsher austerity from a solid gold throne wearing a crown made of 2,868 diamonds:

By Chris Schofield

Americans in past year killed by...
Marijuana overdose: 0
Snake bite: 1
Ebola: 2
Shark attack: 3
Roller coaster: 5
Police: 1,040
By Paul Solomon

A society in which no one is willing to risk being called a troublemaker is a place where power is certain to be abused.
By Alfie Kohn

In the U.S., the privileged have convinced all that "risking my capital built on you labor" is more important than anyone's actual labor.
By Paul Thomas

Let's make hedge funders pee in cups in front of at least one witness at random times for no apparent reason.
By KillerMartinis

This is it, I found the world's worst dating profile:

By Ian Carr

When I think about 'illegal working,’ I think about things like employers flouting safe working practices, not simply migrant labour....
By Anna Hedge

I wish we had progressive legislators who were willing to go to the mat for civil liberties as much as the nutty libertarians do.
By Anil Dash

At the end of the day: if we are fighting about how to value human labor, it seems to me a nurse should out-earn a mortgage broker.
By KillerMartinis

Nope, no gerrymandering here:

By Matt Pearce

Just realized the 1991 Gulf War (which doesn't seem too long ago) happened a lot closer to the Vietnam War than we are now to the Gulf War.
By Brandon Friedman

In a world where we equate degrees & credentials with brilliance, Malcolm X showed us that neither is a prerequisite for it.
By Christopher Emdin

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong - a brief summary of every David Brooks column.
By Frank Conniff

If your female characters have to be raped to be "interesting," examine why the same isn't said for your male characters. Also stop writing.
By Gaby Dunn

Why is "male" always first in "select gender" drop-downs when "female" should come first alphabetically?

By Andrea Zeek

Historians will look back at highways and subsidized suburbs as a massive social, economic, and environmental error.
By Jamelle Bouie

We asked for flying cars and all we got was the entire planet communicating instantly via $34 pocket supercomputers.
By chris dixon

Charter schools are like instead of repairing roads we build a second set of toll roads running parallel.
By Steven Singer

I have great heartache and sympathy for people who lost loved ones or were hurt in the Boston bombing. I hate that our response is more death.
By Shaena Fazal

Research that tells us how to "learn best in school" is like research that tells us how to best speak while eating peanut butter.
By Sisyphus38

Fox Host: “The last acceptable form of discrimination is of white men." Yes! When will Fox News open its doors to white men?
By Frank Conniff

Why not let perfect be the enemy of good? It could be like Battle Bots.
By Chris Steller

The more fucked things get, the calmer I am. Seriously, working in fast food is such good training for life.
By KillerMartinis

No need to fear population reduction. Birth rates are negative where people are educated. Just encourage the trend.
By Free Public Transit

The Pizza Sea Slug (Atlantic sidegill slug):

By Strange Animals

Don't give in: an angry population is hard to govern; a depressed population is easy.
By Laurie Penny

Nobody wanted to join my wife's book club. She even told them she'd provide highlighters and worksheets. The fluency test was just once a month.
By Sisyphus38

A purely policing solution to a city's woes is just as effective as a purely military solution to a nation's woes.
By Henry Cobb

Superman might be an overgrown Boy Scout, but Batman's an overgrown Neighborhood Watch creep.
By Saladin Ahmed

“No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of perpetual warfare.” - James Madison
By KillerMartinis

A small percentage of humanity hogs the world's resources, and then calls itself "civil society."
By Free Public Transit

Dumb things I used to say: "everybody has a job, school is your job."
By Sisyphus38

Whenever someone tells me "coding is the new literacy" because "computers are everywhere today" I ask them how fuel injection works.
By Startup L. Jackson

The argument that your city is not like Amsterdam is invalid. Neither was Amsterdam; it took long, radical effort:

By M. te Brömmelstroet

Hell is other people’s remote controls.
By Rainbow Rowell

“Celebrate small victories often. Mourn failures quickly. Do what's necessary without fanfare.” – Chris Brogan
By Zen Moments

I'm going to take a moment out from worrying over civil unrest in my country to laugh at England for funding normcore cosplayers (royals).
By Sara Benincasa

Reading the FBI file on SCLC & myself, I am more convinced than ever that we cannot allow government surveillance:

By John Lewis

A lot of growing global problems cast as “inevitable” are only inevitable if large-scale wealth distribution is off the table.
By David Roberts

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