Sunday, May 10, 2015

A New Fact About Crows

Here's a new fact I just learned about crows, to go with the ones I learned earlier.

Crows not only can tell human faces apart, they can pass that information on from one generation to another. In an experiment, a person wore a rubber mask when he captured seven crows, which were then kept in captivity. For years, they would dive-bomb whoever wore that mask (but not other masks -- the researchers thought to check that possibility).

They also memorize the routes of garbage trucks so they can drink the drippings the trucks leave behind, and they drop nuts onto busy streets timed to just before the traffic light turns red. You know, so that cars will drive over and crush the nuts just before the light changes so the crow can swoop in and safely pick up the nutmeats.

Also from The De-Textbook by Cracked.

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