Friday, May 1, 2015

A Cruel Month of Tweets

April 2015 is just about over. It ends with the police killing of Freddie Gray and the reaction in Baltimore, but it also included the Walter Scott police killing in North Charleston. See if you can even tell where one of the stories flows into the other.

if the riots in baltimore happened in another country we'd cheer them on as protests against a corrupt government.
By Sam Altman

"I do not condone violent protest under any circumstances." "I have a right to own this gun in case I need to rise up against the government."
By Alex Sexton

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: discontinue use of the "Baltimore Riot" hashtag and replace with #BaltimoreUprising. Terminology is crucial.
By amina

I'm going to tweet this again because some people aren't getting the point:

By taylor

Imprison u, shoot u, sever your spine, crush your larynx, send u to war, keep u poor, call u a thug, not let u vote. But u can sing for us.
By Michael Moore

Is the media asking every cop they interview to condemn all murders of innocent men committed by the police?
By jamiekilstein 

This country spent a decade consuming Black Baltimore's misery as entertainment on TV but now when real people rise up, people are appalled.
By Piper Anderson

These same people talking about "too much government in our lives" are all "Welp, if you defy a government curfew you just should be in jail."


By A.

Stop invoking MLK. He would not be on the side of the police state and he certainly wouldn't be calling black youth thugs.
By Juan M. Thompson

I’m looking at maps of planned Baltimore ghettos from the 1930s that map directly on West and East Baltimore today. But you know, “culture.”
By Jamelle Bouie

Breaking photo: Looters steal billions of dollars, destroy businesses, leave thousands homeless: 

By Jesse Smith

"Violence doesn't accomplish anything." Well, damn. That makes the U.S. military budget an even bigger waste. Let's fund schools now instead.
By It is spelled JordOn

Anti-Oppression Clippy is back!

By Andrea Grimes

If rogue cops were the problem, then we'd know real quick what happened, because all the good cops would be telling on them.
By Andrew Clarkwest

Privilege is snuggling your romantic fantasies of taking up arms against the IRS while cringing at fellow citizens who squirm under the boot.
By John DeVore

It's interesting how outraged people get at protesters, but not what caused them to protest in the first place. #Baltimore
By Bucky Turco

Powerful editorial cartoon that gives one pause:

By Shree

Surrender. Shot. Running. Shot. Standing. Choked. Walking. Shot. Seeking help. Shot. Sleeping. Shot. What can black folks do?
By Pulley

It's hard to believe that a nation the never passed an anti-lynch bill will do anything about police brutality. #EricHarris #WalterScott
By profloumoore

America, where a cop shoots a guy in the back and plants a weapon on him *on video* and we're like "Is he gonna get convicted....?"
By Danny Bowes

"Unless there is a video, like this video, African Americans are just not believed." – Van Jones

By AC 360°

In lieu of flowers, the [Walter Scott] family requests that the police stop shooting unarmed black men.
By viktor winetrout, jr

I hope I'm never shot in the back while unarmed so my entire life isn't put on trial to decide whether I deserved to live or be murdered.
By Tommy Salami
Other big stories: the California drought, the anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination, tax day, McDonald's announcing it would pay a slightly higher way to a small proportion of its workers... plus my usual hobby horses.
It really sucks that our brains are wired to be afraid.
By pattho

If your military advisers are suggesting plans "to win hearts and minds," then your government is probably on the wrong side of history.
By Free Public Transit

Same-sex marriage isn't gay privilege. It's equal rights. Privilege would be something like gay people not paying tax. Like churches don't.
By Ricky Gervais

You think you understand the world and then you find out there are bright pink crickets:

By Allison House

"Capitalism made your iPhone." No, LABOR made your iPhone. Labor makes things under any -ism. The -isms just determine who gets paid.
By Arthur Chu

"I'll pray for you" is an intellectually dishonest way of saying "Fuck off."
By God

Geography is the study of why every place is the way it is.
By Eric Anondson

In a couple generations, people are really going to be pissed we wasted all the oil fighting wars and running back and forth to McDonald's.
By Free Public Transit

More people visit New York City libraries than pro sports games, museums, gardens, zoo, and live arts ... combined. (Citing a New York Times story.)
By Clive Thompson

What men want in daughters: intelligent independent strong. Wives: intelligent attractive sweet (citing the Wall Street Journal):

By Justin Wolfers

2004: One in every eight U.S. reporting jobs was located in DC, LA, or NYC. Now one in five. (Citing the Washington Post.)
By Michael Calderone

When artists can’t afford to live in a city you can’t call that place a “city.” What you have is a Workplace Housing/Dining Zone.
By john roderick

I just recommended a fanny pack to someone. Adding that to the list of things I didn't think I would do this week.
By Joe Shindelar

Joseph Stiglitz warns: We're becoming a democracy that is more "one dollar, one vote" than "one person, one vote."
By Steven Greenhouse

Taiwan Blue Magpies:

By Strange Animals

Had an Easter egg hunt (school style). The kids lined up single file behind the adult and followed him to each egg.
By Sisyphus38

There are well-tested, well-established ways of increasing our own mental/emotional well-being. Yet we don’t use them. Barely discuss them. We continue to treat happiness (or even freedom from depression) as some ineluctable mystery, an ineffable spiritual thing. It’s not! And we continue manically pursuing things — possessions, money, power — that do NOT increase our happiness. Again: well-established.
By David Roberts

Many rock & roll artists won't allow their work to be sampled by hip-hop artists when their ENTIRE genre sampled of Black culture.
By Christopher Emdin

Here is a thing I recently decided to do that I recommend: I stopped believing 50% of the bad things people say about powerful women.
By Leila Cohan-Miccio

Ridiculous there's not a reliable train from [the Twin Cities] to Chicago 2-3 times a day.
By William Lindeke

If women want to know what they can and can't do with their bodies they just need to consult a 3,500-year-old book written by men. Simple.
By Ricky Gervais

Comment on how beautiful the Emperor's clothes are and gain followers. Mention the nakedness and lose followers. Just a trend I noticed.
By Sisyphus38

Making the entire climate movement into a debate club has been constricting. We need artists & storytellers among the Powerpoint presenters.
By David Roberts

A country afraid to let kids walk to school, but unafraid to keep loaded handguns in the nightstand needs a big reality check.
By davidfrum

Before geek/hipster men Columbused them, "life hacks" were called "household hints" and were considered women's fluff.
By Hanne Blank

This would be me if I had a job involving communicating with customers:

By princess leon

"I don’t know if I should throw this little random thing away. I’ll leave it on my desk." [years pass] "Yeah, better throw it away."
By David Roberts

Glen on Mad Men will fit right in over in Vietnam. He's had a scary William Calley vibe going on ever since he was a kid.
By Frank Conniff

If you feel like you've got to abuse drugs to survive in the workplace, what you really might be needing is labor organization.
By Matt Bruenig

"Aw come on, just let us have this." —People who have always had everything.
By Scott Simpson

Plenty of stupid products out there, offering some marginal improvement in quality or convenience. But bottled water provides NOTHING. People are missing the point: there is free, good-quality drinking water available to all Americans already! "Bottle free, clean water & sell it for 100x the value." I mean, you couldn’t write it as satire. It’s too obvious.

And yet. It is consumer desire finally and entirely divorced from human need. It speaks to a contempt & disregard for public resources that is an essential characteristic of late capitalism. The "need" for bottled water is something that industry literally conjured from nothing, not even a faint scrap of justification. It’s bottling a perfectly good publicly funded resource that you already paid for and persuading you to pay for it again. Way more! Bottled water is the perfect representation of late capitalism. Bottled water is set to be the No. 1 packaged drink by 2016, confirming yet again that people are gullible dipshits.
By David Roberts

Long-term thinking is a competitive advantage because almost no one does it.
By Sam Altman

Do you realize how many fantastic ideas were thrown out because they didn't make a cool acronym?
By Sisyphus38

This badass scientist shaved off her hair to teach students about brain regions:

By BuzzFeed

I hope the crashed Star Destroyer in the Star Wars trailer has been converted into live/work artist's lofts & a food co-op.
By Patton Oswalt

The real problem with U.S. housing policy: It spends far more on homeowner subsidies than it does on affordable housing.
By Richard Florida

I hate tips and tipping. I do it! I'm not a monster! But it's this hidden rule, and extra judgment... Extra complication. It's built on a system of not paying people for work. It makes it seem like you're being GENEROUS in transactions that aren't about generosity. Whether or not someone gets paid for their labor shouldn't depend on individual generosity.
By Rainbow Rowell

I mean, you *could* have a collapsing economy bent on the destruction of millions. Or you could pay an extra dime per cheeseburger.
By KillerMartinis

"The poor, unlike the rich, rely on government." Said by people who don't understand government.
By David Kaib

The most important thing social networks can do to protect free speech is to make sure the underrepresented can speak without being abused.
By Anil Dash

Unmmmm. Sort of open to interpretation:

By Roxane Gay

Every time we encourage boys & men not to cry or to 'man-up', we chip away at their socio-emotional competence & ultimately their health.
By Wizdom Powell

No surprise now that more people and fewer cars = better business. The shocking thing is that in 2015 anyone argues otherwise.
By Janette Sadik-Khan

It'd be nice if we didn't know when Election Day would be until six weeks in advance, like in normal countries.
By Josh Barro

People are too eager to say "This legendary person had flaws!" instead of, "Wow, this flawed human being managed to do something legendary."
By Mishell Baker

Black women have to work an extra 24 years to make the same $$ as a white man during their careers. #EqualPayNow:

By Make It Work

A good way to fight inequality is to stop handing millions of taxpayers dollars to the richest people in the country.
By Dean Baker

Comparing Hillary to Thatcher because they're both women makes as much sense as comparing David Cameron to JFK because they're both men.
By Nick Pettigrew

A weekend tweet from Peanuts:

By Alan Cooper

Say what you will about the NRA but I wish we had groups this powerful for rights that are actually threatened.
By Pete Nicely

One of the good things about our tax level being so low is that any argument saying we can't afford this or that is hilarious on its face.
By Matt Bruenig

I'm glad I learned about parallelograms instead of how to do taxes. It's really come in handy this parallelogram season.
By Sage Boggs

I feel like this chart is the only one that matters:

By felix salmon

Income gains going to top 1%
1954-7: 5%
1975-9: 25%
2009-12: 95% (citing the New York Times)
By Conrad Hackett

A terrifyingly accurate 1930 drawing of what life in the future would be like:

By Myko Clelland

Privilege doesn't feel like privilege. It feels like the way things are. No reason to be aware of it.
By William Gibson

I told my kid I was secretly a Russian spy. He said, what are you spying on, you never leave the house.
By Tom Tomorrow

Un-virtuous cycle: 22% of rush hour traffic is generated by parents driving kids to school, making it unsafe for kids to walk/cycle to school.
By jennifer keesmaat

I don't see a difference really between this new economy and subsistence work. This country needs us all to think that we are failing. Otherwise we might demand something like equity. Fair shares. Return on investment.
By KillerMartinis

Let's face it, with the exception of a few obvious ones, icons are bullshit:

By Oliver Reichenstein

Cannot say this enough, Americans should not look at television, especially not for news.
By Free Public Transit

Golf is weird and has no future.
By William Lindeke

If some of your fuels are killing you, and some aren’t, why would you want them to compete on a "level playing field"?
By David Roberts

Living in the U.S. & having a uterus sucks. Today, an insurance agent told me it’s my choice to not go back to work the day after giving birth
By Steffanie Feuer

A fiery choir:

By Halloween Costumes

Rand Paul should just use the Mad Max trailer to describe his economic policy.
By jamiekilstein

After big budget cuts to IRS, the number of callers who were hung up on by help line has soared from 200K last year to 5 million.
By Alec MacGillis

At some point the rhetoric of citizen responsibility toward police shifted from "cooperation" to "obedience." Cops sure see it that way.
By David Roberts

That thing when you stand up for two seconds to let someone get off the train & some lady tries to move to your seat. #awkward
By Christina Morrison

People in the West love their "peaceful democracy," but forget it was built upon colonial slaughter.
By Free Public Transit

Resentment is the primary fuel of the Southern soul. In my experience, Southern men of means love nothing more than sitting around stewing over Those People getting stuff for free. LOVE it.
By David Roberts

I'm so sick of the "hardworking taxpayer" supporting the poor crap. I would rather my taxes go to the poor.
By Kerry Boyles

Federal holiday or not, it is strange the U.S. has a holocaust museum on the national mall but no slavery museum.
By Matt Bruenig

The origin of crops and domestic animals. (One reason why Europe developed early was its luck in this respect):

By Max Roser

It's crazy-making that every drought story doesn't begin with the sentence "80% of California's water, which is priced near zero, is used by farms."
By Alex Russell

He's seen unspeakable things:

By Halloween Costumes

It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.
By Oscar Wilde

Nobody has ever cheated on legitimate learning. Because legitimate learning involves learners figuring out something they care about.
By Michael Gold, Psy.D.

When Martin Luther King, Jr. died 47 years ago today, his disapproval rate among white Americans was 72%; blacks, 55%. (Citing American Libraries magazine.)
By Broderick

"Racially tinged" is not a thing. You mean racist.
By David Kaib

Fun sea fact of the day: baby rays look like ravioli stuffed with tiny damned souls:

By Kraken Podcast

Handing out study guides with stuff to be memorized for a test is not learning or teaching "study skills."
By Sisyphus38

If taking transit costs you $1, we all pay $1.50. If driving costs you $1, we all pay $9.20. What's the real subsidy?

By Brent Toderian

Fuck the franchise owners who complain about their profit margins while they literally kill people from stress and hypertension and poverty. Fuck both Walmart and McDonald's for trying to pass minor goddamned improvements for a minuscule portion of their workers off as solidarity. Is this pretty? Hell no. HELL NO. I want pretty. Always did. But pretty is for people who don't have scars from the fryers. I'll take true.
By KillerMartinis

Things Jesus never said: "I sure hope people use my teachings to enrich themselves."
By almightygod

In the 1960s, the minimum wage was equal to 53% the average wage. Today? Only 35%.
By Economic Policy Inst

Here we go: water use per calorie. Beef remains The Worst:

By David Roberts

Privileged buffoon with excessive VOICE who always overplays his hand calls out the marginalized for overplaying their hand? Must be the New York Times. [Referring to David Brooks, I believe.]
By Paul Thomas

Ice caps melting and all capitalism can do is bomb civilians. Pathetic.
By Free Public Transit

Apparently all it takes to be a radical feminist is to have an opinion (about your own likes/dislikes) & not let random dudes change it. Ooookay.
By Kara Scott

There are two predatory payday-lending storefronts for every Starbucks in the United States.

Same day. Same crime. Same news station. One story uses University pics. The other mugshots:

By Tsunade-Sama

White conservative Americans will fight to the death to preserve their freedom to make other people less free.
By David Roberts

Conservatives worried for decades that "their" America was slipping away. The election of Obama cemented that, and drove them over edge.
By Jeremy Wilcox

What if lawmakers supported schools that kids wanted to go to instead of passing truancy laws?
By Ira Socol

Have you seen any discussion about the fact that [standardized] tests are timed, so speed is privileged over other intellectual proficiencies?
By Alfie Kohn
Finally, this Twitter couplet:
Dove's new ad campaign has women choose which door to use. How about a third door that says: I Just Want Equal Pay:

By Kristy Grant

Meanwhile, guys use one door. As always.
By Tom Cummings

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