Thursday, April 16, 2015

MSP: Leveraging to Elevate

MSP Communications, publisher of Mpls.St.Paul magazine and Twin Cities Business, is a Twin Cities institution. Unfortunately, I guess there's not enough profit in publishing your own magazines these days, so they've put themselves out for hire. (To be fair, they probably did this a while ago; I just didn't notice it.)

To promote their services lately, they've been sponsoring Minnesota Public Radio so this morning I learned MSP is "leveraging" their magazine publishing experience to "create multi-channel content designed to elevate brands."

Oh, please.

That bunch of gobbledegook means they do something I don't want to know about called "brand journalism" plus a lot of other jargony types of communication and advertising work. They have a person whose title is "Director of Analytics and Insights," for goodness sake. As one page on their website informs the reader, "ROI is in our DNA."

And it's snarky to note, but I couldn't help noticing that the copyright notice in the footer of their website says 2014.

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