Friday, April 10, 2015

Dandelion Honey Poster

I love everything about this poster: the event it's for, how it looks, and the sponsors:

The look is clearly a reference to A.M. Cassandre, without copying any single one of his works. The color is perfect, and best of all is the way the bees are arranged as parts of a dandelion seed head, being blown off into the wind by the stylized—but clearly female—chef.

The only thing wrong with this artwork is that I can't figure out who made it on the Beez Kneez site or in the Seward Co-op newsletter where I originally saw it.


Marsha Micek said...

Love it too! But too bad about the typo in the url.

Daughter Number Three said...

Good, point, Marsha -- I didn't look at the smaller type that closely since I'm only seeing it on the web (and actually got the graphic from the page that was incorrectly spelled on the poster). At least it's easy to find with der Google.