Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Republican Idea of Job Creation

Every time Republicans run for seats in the Minnesota legislature, they promise they'll focus on jobs and economic development.

Over the past week, my local newspapers have told me about the multiple bills they've introduced to undermine the right to a safe, legal abortion, plus these two other bits of job creation magic:

This story is about their attempt to overrule the high school sports league decision to let transgender teens play on the team that fits their gender, rather than the perceived sex they were born with. I've written about this decision before, and the theocratic backlash against it.

This bit of job creation would use tax money to subsidize students who attend private schools. Long a fantasy of the Right, they've come close to managing it through the creation of charter schools, but the real goal is to be able to give money directly to religious schools.

And that's not even mentioning their big push to weaken our Pollution Control Agency as it tries to protect water quality, particularly in northern Minnesota. In this case, they do talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, at least -- but their idea of a job involves poisoning the water.

Way to go, Republicans. Keep creating all those jobs and you're sure to get reelected.

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