Friday, March 27, 2015

More Signs from Washington

It amazes me what you see when you're in a new place. Today seemed like one verbal (and sometimes visual) oddity after another.

Now that's a movie that I'd pay to see.

I can only imagine that Plugra (PLUGRA?) is a shortened version of two words from another language, such as plus grand in French. But in English it sounds like a drain-clearing product more than an expensive butter.

Everyone remember: Sunlight makes ink fade and the red ink always fades first. Therefore, don't put the key word in red.

It was a day of ferry rides, so there were a couple of on-board oddities, such as this mashup of uses below-decks.

There was also this fine grouping of alien life forms. Not to mention, how many people these days know what the word "muster" means?

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