Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Few More from Victoria

Wrapping up my visit to Victoria, British Columbia, with just a few more pictures.

First, I find the city of Victoria logo better than the average city logo:

Simple and visually striking. It doesn't try to do too much.

Today, while visiting the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, I discovered three women artists I'd never heard of. First, there's Emily Carr (1871-1945), who is a quite prominent Canadian painter:

She's known for her images of the old-growth forests of British Columbia and of the cultural icons of the native peoples of the West Coast.

Next were a pair of print-makers who went to the same art school a few years apart, first Sybil Andrews (1898-1992):

Andrews worked primarily in linoleum in multiple colors. Her swirling shapes and color use are invigorating.

Second was Gwenda Morgan (1908-1991), a wood engraver whose subject was mainly the countryside of Sussex, where she lived. I love the pollarded trees in this piece, particularly. Her work reminds me of Virginia Lee Burton's.

And then, one final shot from the city. This is the blue bridge that separates Victoria's downtown and Inner Harbor from the town of Esquimalt:

But all I see when I look at the bridge is a goofy light blue bull.

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Gina said...

My piano teacher from Vienna lives in Victoria, BC. She teaches at the University of Victoria.