Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What Hath Google Analytics Wrought?

I'm having a kind of lazy day, so I wasn't feeling super-inspired to share any of the many tabs I've got open. While looking through my blog's in-coming searches on Google Analytics, though, I came across this search string:

pics of womans yousing haroin in the feminal artery
I can assure you that this user did not find any pictures of women using heroin in their femoral arteries on my blog, let alone womans yousing haroin in the feminal artery. I have no idea why Google would lead a user with that string of almost nonsensical words to my blog.

My work for today is done, aside from reporting that there is, in truth, a website called The Feminal Artery. Clever word play in that case, rather than clueless typing.

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