Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pacific Standard: Even More Media Goodness

If you're like me, you get a lot of emails from lists that you signed up for at some point, but which you never read when they arrive. Delete, delete, delete. That's me in my inbox.

But when the weekly enews from Pacific Standard magazine arrives, I almost always look at it and it's rare for there to not be at least one linked article (out of five or six per issue) that I read.

This week's email broke a record: I clicked on the link for five out of six.

If you want to subscribe to their enews yourself, visit and supply your email address in the field near the top right of the page. It's free.

Paying them a big $14.95 for six hard-copy issues that arrive by mail is also completely worth it.


A couple of my past posts on Pacific Standard can be found here and here.

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