Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Muffler Man and Friends

If you're ever driving down I-55 in Illinois on the way to Saint Louis, plan to stop in Livingston at Pink Elephant Antiques. You can get off at either the Livingston exit or the one south of it if you miss the first one.

We couldn't get there until the store (located inside a former school) had closed for the day, but the big fiberglass figures outside made it worth it anyway.

The ice cream stand (what Robert Venturi would call a duck) was open, and appeared to be pretty popular. Their featured flavor was peach.

A big skinny guy with an ice cream cone competes jauntily with a tiny elephant.

The eponymous pink elephant, given scale by a semi-trailer.

Somehow, the M has been lost.

Fiberglass gingerbread guys lying discarded but still happy in the field.

Muffler man (repurposed to promote Harley Davidson) towers over all, including a green flying saucer.

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