Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hope from Katharine Hayoe

People like Katherine Hayoe give me a bit of hope that the Right may begin to recognize climate change and global warming not only as facts they need to acknowledge but as problems they need to help solve. She was featured on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday this morning.

As the story shows, she's a Christian climate scientist who has made it her mission to convert nonbelievers. She answers all of their questions, from "How can this happen if God is in charge?" to "Wouldn't it be good for the world to end soon anyway?" (Seriously, they ask that.)

Now if she and Republican former Congressman Bob Inglis can just talk to enough people, maybe we can make this the consensus issue it should be. Then all we have to do is fight over how to do it, rather than whether to do it. Duh.

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