Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ben Suarez in the News

Ben Suarez is spending some time at the court house in recent days, as he is tried for illegal campaign finance activities. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a story on it just about every day, so I guess it's a big deal in Ohio. So far, Suarez's daughter and son-in-law have testified that his company reimbursed them for their $10,000 campaign contributions to two Republican candidates.

Yesterday, the paper ran a summary of Suarez's run-ins with the law and other activity related to elections, like that thing about ousting Jack Brooks from Congress because he wanted to tax mail-order purchases.

It's ironic that the activity Suarez is accused of (funneling donations through his employees and relatives) would be legal if Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia had their way with U.S. election law. I wonder if he'll get out of jail if the Supreme Court overturns the last vestiges of donation limits?


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