Monday, March 10, 2014

Odd Parking

As I write this, it's 54°F outside, so it appears winter has finally turned tail and is about to head for the hills. Although we're projected to have a high below freezing on Wednesday just so it can stick its tongue out at us once more before it goes.

For the past few weeks the city of St. Paul has been limiting parking to one side of residential streets because the snow has encroached to the point where the streets are not wide enough for emergency vehicles when cars are parked on both sides. Maybe because Minneapolis chose the odd side, St. Paul followed suit, so you have to be careful to check the house numbers before leaving your car somewhere.

But on the street near this building, it appears all you have to do is park at a weird angle or backwards or something:

I did hear that someone in Minneapolis parked one of the Car2Go Smart Cars perpendicular to the curb between two normally parked cars.

Maybe they misunderstood the odd parking decree as well?

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