Thursday, December 19, 2013

Miscellaneous and Somewhat Holiday-Themed Photos

They've been piling up in my phone... the somewhat amusing moments of life, starting from back before Thanksgiving with this bird peeking out of a liquor store window:

Down the street, another image of wild life:

Possibly the most badly rendered camel in history.

This one may just be an instance of my gardening habit getting the better of my mind:

But I see that web address as "Hosta Cookie Party." Hostas are edible, by the way, so it almost makes sense.

Here's a brand of inner-layer clothing for those of us in the cold parts of the world:

That may be the most cloying brand name ever created. The dropped "e" in "cuddle," the use of the word "duds" -- why do I hate that word so? Even the typeface annoys me.

Meanwhile, the computers are meeting to take over the world:

And some people can't make up their minds about what season this is:

The Salvation Army bell ringers have sponsors who match donations at their stations these days, I guess:

But in this case, I couldn't help wondering if it was a pseudonym.

Some nice artwork at a locally owned neighborhood cafe:

(Seen at Trotter's at Cleveland and Marshall in St. Paul.)

And then there's this, an ad from Minnesota Monthly's best doctors issue:

So many things to feel insecure about, all shaped into a little black dress. Thanks, Ness Plastic Surgery!

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