Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Decoration Dilemma

I look longingly at the spruce tips for sale everywhere this time of year, but I don't buy any.

Where do you think they come from? Seems pretty likely to me that at least some are illegally harvested, and yesterday's NPR report on "tippers" upheld my suspicion. According to the story, "they're damaging forests...plucking limbs bald and even cutting down whole trees so they can sell a lot of tips at once to ...big wreath makers. A hardworking person can make between $5,000 and $10,000 in a season of tipping."

Fake plastic stuff doesn't seem like a good alternative. So I was happy to see this option on Twitter:

Yes, it's the Wreath of Khan.


Gina said...

Oh my god! That is soooooo funny! I'm sharing on Facebook.....

My mother used to love to go out in the woods and collect "greens" for a new wreath and to decorate the house. I never went with her so I don't know what she did to get the greens. I suspect she was one of those "tippers" but she collected only what she needed. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone in Oneonta who decorated at this time of year did the same thing? Yep.

Daughter Number Three said...

Yet another example of the tragedy of the commons.