Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gamer's Cafe in Butte

If you like to eat your breakfast eggs in a setting that looks like it could have served you 80 years ago, stop in at Gamer's Cafe next time you're traveling through Butte, Montana. After checking out the beautiful signs and buildings, you'll find Gamer's in the Uptown business district right next to the Saturday morning farmers market.

It's located in one of Butte's many historic brick buildings, but the outside sign that said CASINO almost kept me away. Montana law seems to allow casino gambling just about anywhere, and usually they're not auspicious places.

As soon as I went through the door at Gamers, though, I knew it was something special. There's a mirrored, dark-wood bar back on the left and a nice art deco display case on the right in the front room, followed by the main seating area with mezzanine seating above.

The counter, with its beautiful chairs and detailed cabinet woodwork, looks like a fun place to sit.

But the booths are also great. They have seating along the far wall as well as the sides, so you can easily get five or maybe six people in each one.

The restaurant has been in continuous operation since it opened, and they have the newspapers to prove it.

The front room display cases hold several candy boxes with this Gamers Confections logo, which matches the one used in the restaurant. I'm not sure if the candy used to be made at the restaurant, or if the restaurant took its name from the defunct candy company. The presence of the casino makes me suspect the latter, but who knows?


Update: All questions about Gamer's have been answered by the grandson of the owners.


Bob Dannic said...

When did it open?

Daughter Number Three said...

Bob, I don't know the answer to that.

Daughter Number Three said...

Bob, the grandson of Gamer's founders has answered your question.

The Real Story of Gamer's Cafe and Confections in Butte, Montana