Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A New Mystery Object

After surviving the promised apocalypse of a previous useless mystery object, I assume we will all still be here next week despite this beauty:

Some details on its nature:

  • It's plastic.
  • The dark gray circle at the base is kind of rubbery, but it's not a suction cup.
  • The arms are flexible enough to bend toward each other and just about touch, but it doesn't seem to function as a set of tongs.
Here's a close up of the folded things at the top:

Any and all guesses or creative purposes are welcome in the comments. If anyone gets close (or if no one gets close!) I'll share an additional photo of this baby in action.


Commenter David Steinlicht got it right away: It's made to hold open a Ziploc bag while you pour liquids into it. (I still can't believe there is such a thing.) The clips don't hold the bag firmly, so it's very easy for it to pull out of them when weight is added to the bag.


David Steinlicht said...

To hold a plastic bag open as you fill it?

Michael Leddy said...

Is it for drying clothes?

Daughter Number Three said...

Darn, David, you got it in one.

Elaine said...

It's much better to use an oval plastic insert inside the lip of the bag, gripping it tightly in the fist while pouring...or put the bag into a bowl that supports it. I'm a messy pourer-outer, so the first option works best for me. I expect someone thought they were on the way to riches with their new invention....alas.