Thursday, August 1, 2013

Signs and Similar

A few visual observations from recent days.

First, the packaging for a set of vinyl gloves, the kind used in a medical or home-care setting:

I'm not sure why the company thought the tag line "Yes, you can" was appropriate.

This bit of grynchitude is from a Christmas shop in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

A funny sign from a creative, beautifully merchandised shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The oddly colored Y in this nail shop sign is one thing, but the typo below is the part that really caught my eye. It's kind of like one of those Cake Wrecks where the store misreads the handwriting. In this case, it was supposed to say "WALKINS," but no one caught the G masquerading as an S. From Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

I saw a sticker like this on the back of a semi. My first impression was positive, but it was partly because I didn't see the headline, "Good Stuff," at first. "Trucks Bring It" seems pithy and hip, while "Good Stuff. Trucks Bring It" seems a bit over-written. As far as the graphics go, I liked the dynamism of the truck illustration, but I keep wondering where the tires are, and hearing the sound of a wheelless truck as it grinds down the highway,

Mmmmmmmm.... worms.

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BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Really. Either post the lunch special or advertise worms for sale. Not both. :)