Friday, February 1, 2013

Tweets from Janus

January's tweets include remnants of the fiscal cliff, lots of gun stuff and climate change angst, plus some miscellaneous cuteness.

And even though I'M NOT LISTENING!, just a bit of Lance Armstrong and Vine crept in, too.

Fracking one single well requires 7 million gallons of water, plus an additional 400,000 gallons of chemical additives
By OMB Watch 

Inbox: "We’ve all heard of the Mommy Makeover..." Huh? (See also my war on "mommy" used by anyone unrelated to me).
By Monika Bauerlein 

If you can't beat the gun lobby w/ a Congresswoman who's been shot, an astronaut & a cop in a snappy uniform, it just can't be done.
By Mark Fiore 

all or nothing: if you cannot guarantee me a lifetime of BLISSFUL IMMORTALITY I do not want to try to address any problems at all ever.
By Tom Tomorrow [in response to the NRA's Wayne LaPierre testifying before Congress]

Trying to solve climate change with natural gas is like trying to lose weight by switching to low-fat Twinkies.
By Steve Davis 

Wow. @WTUTeacher: "People always say this generation is lost. This generation is not lost, this generation is neglected."
By Melinda D. Anderson 

You know what, I think it's time for more corgi butt.
By Emergency Cute Stuff 

For hecklers of Newtown victim's dad, owning a gun is more important than possessing even the most basic common decency.
By Frank Conniff 

Much like Thomas Friedman, David Brooks wants a third party which reflects his own "sensible" values. Maybe they can form a party of two.
By Tom Tomorrow 

I want to open an "Adult" bookstore with books on retirement, prostate health, etc. Then when porn fans walk in, I can be all incredulous.
By John Moe  

Republicans & Democrats converge on immigration compromise: Lots more low-wage non-voters! Couldn't do better if they were trying for oligarchy on purpose.
By davidfrum 

How you view the world is a reflection of your inner being. Thats why u can see impoverished kids in Africa smiling, rich kids in NY crying.
By Alex Banayan 

Who let George R. R. Martin take over the writing on Downton Abbey?
By Maggie Koerth-Baker  

RT ‏@ianbremmer US has 5.3x the arable land, 4.6x available water of China. Resource inequality more troublesome than income inequality.
By Richard Florida 

People who use Twitter to talk about actual vines are having a bad week.
By Chris Steller 

We should be debating WHICH infrastructure, not WHETHER infrastructure. Teaparty mission accomplished.
By Free Public Transit 

Did you know? Burning one gallon of gas releases 20 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere, where it will stay for 110 years, warming the planet.
By Jonathan Foley 

Just ate a burrito so big that I had to forget algebra to make room.
By Alison Agosti

Building stuff is fun. Period. Making something out of nothing is endlessly rewarding.
By Jason Fried 

The @rupertmurdoch Twitter feed is an immensely useful teaching tool about the (non)relationship between wealth & power and merit & expertise.
By Christopher Hayes  

We all have our vices when it comes to entertainment. It's not football that gets me. It's the denial about what football actually is.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates 

Why is Twitter wasting its resources on free apps like Vine when so many of us would pay for an app that blocks tweets from #Davos?
By jswatz  

Huh. Never heard Likud called the Liquid Party before.
By Chris Steller 

Just finished Christia Freeland's Plutocrats. Anyone else feel like we live in an extractive state instead of an inclusive one?
By Rob Jones 

Aliens might be surprised to learn that in a cosmos w/ limitless starlight, humans kill for energy sources buried in the sand
By Neil deGrasse Tyson

To repeat: "Best Business Climate" not the same as best economy, best quality of life or best place to raise a family.
By Charlie Quimby 

Corporations aggressively seek to maximize their own privacy, and to minimize the privacy of their customers.
By Edward Tufte 

Remember, folks: Obama has ALREADY done a lot on climate change, mostly quite effective, although not very visible. Hoping for much more.
By Jonathan Foley 

I'd like to see Paul Ryan and Lance Armstrong race for a distance measured in Subway footlongs in front of cheering women who don't exist.
By Chris Steller 

I keep thinking about the person who had to illustrate this.
By Cabel M. Sasser  

Mind-body issue: people are so proud to go to the gym; so ashamed to go to a therapist.
By Alain de Botton  

Let's start calling teachers "collaborators."
By Nikhil Goyal 

Right wing groups create threats of violence, then criticize the President for having protection against their threats of violence.
By Michael Moore 

RT = real talk, MT = Movable Type, DM = dog math, FF = "Freaky Friday", h/t = hip truck, TL = Tea Leoni, OH = Ohio. Now you know.
By Alex Pareene  

Now that women can serve in combat that leaves the only group that apparently can't serve in war is neo-cons.
By Pete Nicely 

There is nothing more egregious and dangerous in journalism than an editor/paper who thinks climate-change deniers should have a voice.
By Molly Priesmeyer 

Dear @davos participant: bemoaning the evils of inequality is fine, but no one is better placed than you to: Do. Something. About. It.
By Vincent Baby 

O.k., this peripheral vision illusion is pretty nuts:
By Nick O'Neill  

To the person who long ago invented the phrase "left to their own devices" ... How did you KNOW?
By Chris Steller 

The reason U.S. housing is expensive is that our cars must park for free. -- @DonaldShoup
By Design New Haven 

"This'll really put our town on the map!" -- guy who doesn't understand how cartography works
By Tim Carvell  

Our sad money culture: Writers, musicians & designers expected to work for free while investors shouldn't pay taxes on their earnings.
By Charlie Quimby 

The headlines are all Lance and Oprah. We are truly a moronic society.
By umair haque  

Everybody's favorite game: Which Browser Tab Is This Horrible Automatic Video Playing In?
By daveweigel  

Before a war, military science seems a real science, like astronomy; but after a war it seems more like astrology. -- Rebecca West
By Charlie Quimby 

We don't need climate reporters. We need for all reporters -- econ, political, foreign policy, etc. -- to be climate literate.
By David Roberts 

"If you think the economy is more important than the environment try holding your breath while you review the city budget."
By DentonOffFossilFuels 

Guys, know what you're getting into if someone offers you one. A chocolate lab is a dog, not an awesome room for your house.
By Tim Siedell

As a parent, I'm acutely aware of how much online debate resembles arguing with a technicality-obsessed nine-year-old.
By Tom Tomorrow 

Anne Coulter only says stupid shit to read the outrage later. Don't give her that! Just ignore her. Her shock game is old.
By Kristen Schaal

Kittens, in tea cups.
By Emergency Cute Stuff 

Sandy Hook trutherism does not inspire confidence in the image of the rational gun owner from whom society has nothing to fear.
By Tom Tomorrow

"Lance Armstrong" should be a new euphemism for America. Lies/immorality shielded by power, corruption, and PR management.
By Molly Priesmeyer 

Is there a Lower Midwest?
By Chris Steller 

You cannot get a technologically innovative place unless it's open to weirdeness, eccentricity & difference --Richard Florida
By Irina Delgado 

One New York Times reader says Teach for America should be renamed to "Teach for Your Resume."
By Nikhil Goyal 

DOJ goes after the likes of Aaron Swartz. Foreclosure fraudsters and mortgage-backed-securities scam artists sip cocktails in the shade. Fucking hell.
By Sam Knight 

There should be some word for the pleasure of recognizing a semi-famous actor in a police procedural show and knowing they're the killer.
By emilynussbaum

The internet forces you to design better assignments. If you can look up the answer, it's not cheating, it's just a bad assignment.
By Philipp Schmidt 

Obama gun speech quibble No. 1. The "if it helps even one person" rhetoric is illogical. I doubt we'd change laws just to help one person.
By Chris Steller 

Shale oil and tarsands need $90+ Brent price to survive. They would go out of business if 10 cities made their public transit free.
By Free Public Transit 

Troll (n.) 1. the less famous of two people in a Twitter argument.
By Jonathan Headington  

Software project 1) On time 2) On budget 3) With quality. You can not able pick any.
By DevOps Borat 

I am absolutely terrified of smart people who aren't depressed.
By Sarah Bee  

Our plan in 140 characters: Make cities attractive by eliminating cars. Give suburbs to organic farmers. Educate all children.
By Free Public Transit 

Nothing says "responsible gun owner" like the threat of civil war.
By Tom Tomorrow 
Calling us a banana republic is an insult to Central America. They were pillaged by fruit corps, not self-derped into penury.
By Ryan Cooper  

Congressmen spend 5 hrs a day begging for money. People run for this job? It's like campaigning to be a telemarketer
By Bill McKibben 

Cherry tomatoes will always have the last laugh.
By Kristen Schaal 
[I need to make a shirt that says the above.]
Maybe before I become a better person I need to help make a better world.
By Mike Monteiro 

I'm not sure how the NRA's plan of having a sane person with a gun near every insane person with a gun will be implemented.
By Andy Borowitz 

Airplanes have now banned tweezers. I think anyone who can hijack a plane with tweezers deserves the plane.
By Alan Garner 

Political system seems totally unprepared to deal with the routine of disaster that will characterize life under climate change.
By Christopher Hayes 

People who go on to be writers are those who can forgive themselves the horror of the first draft.
By Alain de Botton  

“The cooperative model is the model of the future, because it can reconcile the market economy with democracy." Jacques Attali
By Seward Co-op 

No wonder US baffles many foreigners. We squander trillions fighting questionable wars abroad but debate health care + disaster aid at home.
By Michael Kimmelman 

“Zipcar is thrilled to announce that we’ve been acquired by Avis.”
By Joel Ross Housman 

Translation: “The executives & investors who run Zipcar are thrilled to announce they just made a ton of money selling the company to Avis.”
By Joel Ross Housman 

Any climate solutions that do not end auto sprawl, leave the engine of demand intact which will consume all efficiencies.
By Free Public Transit 

Wishing I'd bought stock in "avert" when it was cheap.
By Chris Steller 

There are people in the House of Representatives I would not trust to work at Radio Shack.
By Andy Borowitz 

A marked shift in climate denialist rhetoric from "it's not getting warmer!" to "of *course* it's getting warmer, we don't know the cause."
By Christopher Hayes  

Next time Republicans want to pick the cabinet, they should win the election.
By Markos Moulitsas  

USA spent $1.4 trillion on the "war on terror." Nearly $500 million PER DEATH on 9/11. Peace could have been bought for much less.
By Joe public 

There were 3,520 parenting books published or distributed in the US in 2011, up 25% since 2007.
By Justin Wolfers 

Chuck Hagel voted against No Child Left Behind. I'm sold.
By Nikhil Goyal 
I love tuning into NPR news and just missing Frank DeFord.
By Chris Steller 

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