Monday, August 6, 2012

I Was Wrong

You know when I recently showed what I thought was the worst straight apostrophe ever?

I was wrong. There is a new reigning champion:

Photo of a store window with lit neon reading Kehr's Candies and printed sign below saying Kehr's with the apostrophe way over above the letter s
It's beyond me how anyone could make a sign with letters this size (even if it is done automatically in a computer) without noticing the apostrophe not only goes straight up and down while the letters slant, but that it's way over above the final "s."

And that's not even addressing the bad decision to make the sign with a bad script typeface instead of creating lettering to match the original logo.

Sign seen at Milwaukee's Public Market in the Old Third Ward.

P.S. When I Googled "Kehr's," one of the search engine's helpful suggestions of frequently searched terms was "Kehr's sign," so I thought perhaps someone else had written about this topic before, or at least that lots of people had searched it. But no. Kehr's sign is a medical condition where shoulder pain results from blood or liquids pooling in the peritoneum, such as from a ruptured spleen. Who knew?

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Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Many people look right past the punctuation. But this one is definitely ugly!