Sunday, July 8, 2012

Moore for Tonight

A series of tweets from Michael Moore this Sunday evening:

Best thing about Repub voter suppression? It's their admission that they KNOW the majority of voters aren't w/ them so its the only way 2 win

If Repubs thought this was a conservative right wing country they'd be doing the opposite. They'd have voting booths at every WalMart.

Repubs know America is a different place now. Americans REJECT the Right so much, we'll even elect a guy from Kenya just to piss them off.

Dear Repubs - What were u thinking? That u could just crash the economy, w/ millions jobless, millions evicted fr their homes, &expect 2 win?

BUT - if you Republicans can kick enough people off the voting rolls and make sure every bigot gets out to vote, u might just pull it off.

BTW Dems - we haven't forgotten that YOU gave us Vietnam, NAFTA, gutting Glass-Steagall & making GITMO permanent. And that u both bow 2 WallSt

So sad that the Dems main hope of winning is not cause of their brave, bold vision but that the majority r scared shitless of the other guy

Some stats from Mother Jones on voter suppression laws around the country.

If anyone needs a refreshing reminder of the outrageous behavior of the big banks in the past 10 years, Bill Moyers recently hosted Matt Taibbi discussing the Mafia ways and means of Wall Street. (Taibbi's full-length essay from Rolling Stone, same subject, can be found here.)

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