Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Example of Heard Immunity

Peter Sagal's radio show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me probably has more laughs per minute than anything I've ever listened to. I only caught a bit of today's show, but it included this gem.

Sagal told of a British furniture seller named Sofa King whose advertising campaign slogan was just found to be objectionable by a government agency, after nine years on the air.

What was the slogan?

Sofa King low prices

And then Sagal added something like (I'm paraphrasing), "Company representatives Mike Rotch and Hugh Jass responded by saying the company has no idea what the agency is talking about."

(If it doesn't seem funny, be sure to read it out loud. Radio is the theater of the mind, after all.)


Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Hahaha. And I agree, "Wait, Wait" is a very funny show.

Cathy, the Nice Lice Lady. said...

Saturday Night Live did a "Sofa King" commercial in 2007. So childish. So funny.