Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wrong Place, Wrong Kind

Imagine you're driving down a stretch of urban interstate and you see this billboard:

Lavender billboard with a cartoon hammer and the word Hammered?
What would you think it was for?

Unconsciously processing the cheery, script typeface and happy-faced tool, I had the vague idea it was for a home handyman service or a contractor. (Maybe one owned by gay men, since the background is lavender.)


Close up of the billboard showing it's for a cab company, looking for business from people who are drunk
Keep in mind the traffic is going past at 55 to 65 miles an hour most of the time, and the billboard is not even right next to the highway. That type is completely unreadable, except the word "Hammered" and the phone number. (I got off the highway onto an exit ramp to take the photo, and even then it wasn't all that close.)

Not to mention that if you're seeing the billboard, you're already in a car, given that you're on a highway. Does the cab company think drivers are going to memorize even a simple phone number on the off chance they're drunk some other time and want to call a cab? I could understand this billboard if it were redesigned a bit and put somewhere that people are already likely to be drinking, but on an interstate?

And maybe it could have a different background color... maybe something like blue to reinforce the name of the company? Just an idea.

Shot at I-94 and Cretin Avenue in St. Paul.

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