Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Tab Roundup

A few short items for my currently short attention span:

I may just have to print this and hand it out on street corners.

Did you hear this? UC Davis Chancellor Katehi repeatedly ducked calls from one of the students who was pepper-sprayed. Then denied she ducked the student. Then finally met with her, but walked out. Really.

A model of journalistic behavior on MPR's Midmorning: Propublica writer Nicholas Kusnetz answered questions on all aspects of the fracking controversy in an even-handed, informed way. Way to go, Kusnetz and MPR.

Interesting to see what was changed in Shepard Fairey's person of the year cover for Time magazine:

Original photo is a white woman with a knit hat and 99% stenciled on her face covering, no background in focus; cover illustration has no 99% on covering and added elements of conflict in background
I thought Fairey's illustrated version was meant to represent an Arab woman. Did I just read that into it? What did you think? I didn't even notice it was a knit cap, though it clearly is.

I personally don't have a problem with the removal of the 99% from the bandana, partly because I can see it's problematic from a layout perspective, and partly because the story is about protesters generally, not just the Occupy movement. But it makes for an interesting contrast. (Via Twitter user Rachael Christine)

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