Sunday, December 18, 2011

Break Foot at Tiffany's

Full page newspaper ad for Tiffany & Co. with light turquoise, black and white color scheme, showing a young man and woman walking up a snowy staircase toward an arch with snow-covered trees
My first thought about this ad from the Star Tribune: What a beautiful ad, even on dull old newsprint. The blue color, the atmosphere, the arch above them sheltering the sky like a snow globe, the swing of the woman's coat...

My second thought (almost as quickly but not quite, I admit): I really hate how jewelers exploit visualized romanticism to sell things no one needs that are made from raw materials dug out of the ground in the most vulnerable countries.

And then third: What is she wearing on HER FEET?

Those shoes have something like a 6" spike heel. That young woman is basically walking on her tiptoes up a snowy staircase. No wonder she's clutching that guy's arm so tightly.

And what are her shoes made of? They would be ruined the second they touched that snow.

Close up of Tiffany & Co. ad showing the woman's shoes with 6 inch spike heels
A different cropping of the same image is used on the home page of the Tiffany & Co. website:

Wider shot of the couple on the staircase, horizontally arranged, with website navigation at right
It's also used as the final shot from a video on the Tiffany website:

Video still of the couple on the snowy stairs
The video shows her taking a few steps, so I guess it is possible to walk in the shoes without falling as long as you have a guy to hold onto.

All and all, it almost makes me wish I had a $500,000 line of credit at Tiffany and Co., like some people I could name.

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