Thursday, December 15, 2011

All in the Family of Man

The other day, Daughter Number Three Point One mentioned that a friend of hers was watching The Waltons with her mother. Only DN3.1 pronounced the name as The Waldens.

Feeling every year that separates our generations, I told her that it's Walton with a "t" (like the Waltons who own more wealth than 30 percent of America).

And then I followed up with my take on the signature closing lines from The Waldens:

"Goodnight, Henry David."

"Goodnight, Ralph Waldo."

Side by side pictures of John Boy Walton and Henry David Thoreau, each with a sprig of grass between his lips

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Carmella said...

Too funny.

Did you know the Waltons had a dog named Reckless -- a bloodhound! They had a LOT of animals including a goat.

The Partridge family, on the other hand, had a dog n the first season but it was gone by the second season. What happened to it? Bad family!

I have been thinking about Mr. Thoreau this week too. Did you catch the funny Strib opinion piece "Technological Disobedience"?